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Its empowers the users to do self research by providing all necessary tools which are relevant for doing technical analysis in very simple and easy way.

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Stockbot equipped with sophisticated stock screening for help traders to find a potential stock to trade. Our auto expert adviser able to give real time analysis strategy.

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Beside that stockbot equipped with daily stock recommendation or Stock Pick complete with trading plan and trading strategy and money management. Dengan menggunakan Stockbot Anda akan memperdaya diri untuk melakukan analisa saham secara mandiri dengan memanfaatkan fitur-fitur yang telah kami sediakan.

Stockbot - Saham & Trading

Note : Stockbot hanya menganalisa saham pilihan. Beragam pilihan tools screener yang dapat membantu menemukan kreteria2 saham berdasarkan indicator-indicator buatan dari team stockbot serta indicator teknikal yang sering di gunakan para teknikal trader Seperti : Candlestick Pattern Explorer, StochasticMACDVolume AnalysisPrice ActionBroker bitcoin terbaik indonezia Detector dll.

Tersedia 3 pilihan stockpick berdasarkan kreteria trader dan trading strategy yaitu : 1. Buy On Strength BOS adalah strategy untuk membeli suatu saham yang dalam kondisi uptrend atau baru akan melakukan pola uptrend atau kenaikan.

Bandar Broker bitcoin terbaik indonezia Adalah sebuah tools yang dapat menganalisa apakah suatu saham sedang dalam akumulasi pembelian atau distribusi penjualan. Gerakan bandar dapat di baca melalui top 5 broker yang pada umumnya dapat mengerakan harga suatu saham. Semua rekomendasi pada stockbot apps di buat berdasarkan strategi algoritma trading system yang berjalan secara otomatis tanpa intervesi manusia.

Beberapa fitur antara lain sbb : Bot Advisor Robot Commentary dapat memberikan ulasan analisa suatu saham yang di rangkum dengan bahasa yang mudah di pahami.

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Memberikan kesimpulan mengenai kondisi saham saat ini dan apa yang akan terjadi di masa akan datang dan strategi apa yang dapat di lakukan berdasarkan algoritma analisa teknikal. Stock Order Plan adalah fitur yang dapat membantu mengatur pembelian suatu saham dengan trading plan yang terukur.

Volume Analysis adalah menu yang dapat menampilkan saham-saham yang secara bersamaan harga dan volume breakout. Rebound Signal adalah menu yang dapat menampilkan saham-saham yang telah turun mulai naik kembali.

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Beberapa signal penting dapat di aktifkan menjadi notifikasi di handphone. Berikut adalah sebagian fitur yang ada dalam apps Stockbot.

Terdapat total 25 fitur yang di rancang untuk para trader dan investor pemula dan advance. Analis saham pribadi ada di genggaman tangan Anda Its empowers the users to do research by providing all necessary tools that are relevant for doing technical analysis in a very simple and easy way.

broker bitcoin terbaik indonezia

Stockbot equipped with sophisticated stock screening for help. Our auto expert adviser can to give a real time analysis strategy. Stockbot is equipped with a daily stock recommendation or Stock Pick, complete with trading plan and trading strategy and money management.

By using Stockbot you will cheat yourself to do stock analysis independently by utilizing the features that we have provided.

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Note: Stockbot only analyzes selected stocks. A wide selection of screener tools that can help find stock indicators based on indicators made by the stockbot team as well as technical indicators that are often used by technical traders such as: Candlestick Pattern Explorer, Stochastic, MACD, Volume Analysis, Price Action, Bandar Detector etc.

There are 3 stockpick options based on trader criteria and trading strategy, broker bitcoin terbaik indonezia 1. Buy On Strength BOS is a strategy to buy a stock that is in an uptrend or new condition will make an uptrend or increase pattern.

Bandar Detector Is a tool that can analyze whether a stock is in the accumulation of sales purchases or distribution. The city movement can be read through top 5 brokers who can generally move the price of a stock. All recommendations on the stockbot apps are based on a compania aeriană btc system algorithm strategy that runs automatically without human intervention.

broker bitcoin terbaik indonezia

Some features include: Advisor bot Broker bitcoin terbaik indonezia Commentary can provide analysis reviews of a stock summarized in a language that is easy to understand.

Give conclusions about the condition of the current stock and what will happen in the future and what strategies can be done based on the technical analysis algorithm. The Stock Order Plan is a feature that can help regulate the purchase of a stock with a measured trading plan.

broker bitcoin terbaik indonezia

Volume Analysis is a menu that can display stocks that are simultaneously price and volume breakout. Rebound Signal is a menu that can display stocks that have fallen starting to rise again.

Some important signals can be activated as notifications on the mobile. Here are some of the features in the Stockbot apps.

broker bitcoin terbaik indonezia

There are a total of 25 features designed for traders and beginner and advanced investors. Private stock analysts are in your hands Stop a lose and start a profit with a stockbot Stockbot © Citește mai mult Aplicație Bună Garantată Această aplicație a trecut testul de securitate pentru viruși, malware și alte atacuri rău intenționate și nu conține amenințări.