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Silver monolith torched in Congo after mysterious appearance Read full article February btc dominance view trading,PM ·2 min read Silver monolith torched in Congo after mysterious appearance Residents set fire to the mysterious monolith that appeared in Kinshasa KINSHASA Reuters - The latest in a series of mystery monoliths to capture the imagination of science-fiction fans around the world met a fiery end in the Democratic Republic of Congo on Wednesday when it was torched at a roundabout in the capital.

The foot metallic structure first appeared in Kinshasa's Bandal neighbourhood over the weekend on Sunday morning.

On Wednesday morning, a crowd of curious onlookers snapped selfies and debated its possible origins. Videos posted on social media later in the day showed residents destroying the structure with sticks and then setting it on fire.

Silver monolith torched in Congo after mysterious appearance

In August, an unidentified flying object was parachuted into dense jungle in the north of the country, briefly baffling local authorities. Local authorities detained two people for questioning until a subsidiary of Google parent company Alphabet confirmed the device was an internet balloon.

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This time again, extraterrestrial intervention appeared unlikely: Residents said they saw people digging a hole at the roundabout on Saturday. I came and I said: 'This is cultural, it's extraordinary,'" said neighbourhood mayor Thierry Gaibene.

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