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    We're considered the leader in our segment! As a front-end developer, you'll work on the interface and landing pages of Cryptohopper.

    We'd like to make the switch to a more design-focused platform, and you are the missing element! We are looking for developers with an eye for design, and thoughtful attention to detail, who are excited to improve the Cryptohopper user experience. While, we do not strictly require a demonstrated interest in the financial industry, cryptocurrencies, trading or blockchain, these attributes are an advantage and will facilitate your impact with us.

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    Your day will consist of perfecting our platform, implementing new designs, optimize the user experience and coming up with fresh ideas on how you can improve Cryptohopper, which create value for our community and help us grow.

    Crypto trading github will have a front-row seat in developing a program at the forefront of cryptocurrency innovation, that is set to revolutionalize how private investors trade their digital assets.

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    Successful applicants are invited for interviews. Please note, that we only accept applications from individuals.

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    Please send a CV and letter of motivation.